We aim to keep beer drinkers up to date with local issues and events. Please feel free to join us at meetings and beer festivals, even if you are not a CAMRA member yet.

The 19th edition of  our magazine is now available on the website and will be shortly be distributed to the pubs in our branch area. If you want to read it first on-line then go to the “Beer at Heart” page on the site and you can either download a pdf copy or read it on-line.

LET’S CALL TIME ON THE GREAT BRITISH PUB SCANDAL. We call on the Government to stick to its promise to introduce a Pubs Watchdog to prevent valued pubs from being placed at risk of closure due to unfair practices in the pub sector. For more information and to sign the CAMRA petition go to http://www.pubscandal.org.uk/


9781852493127 The Good Beer Guide 2014 has been released, if you want to get a copy of the guide then go to the Good Beer Guide section under the CAMRA option on the navigation bar or click here and it will tell you how you can purchase one.